What Netizen Natives account set up looks like

Integral to your student recruitment campaign is the ability to have meaningful conversations with your audience via social media. The first step is verified accounts.

How Netizen Natives management can support your institution:

Increased regulation, with barriers to social account verification in China makes it difficult to penetrate the student market. We use our local expertise and government licensing know-how to overcome this, remaining within the boundaries of the law and the differing platform regulations.

Verified institution accounts on all relevant platforms


Advice and set-up on different account options (overseas, subscription or service)

Personal account set-up on all the important social platforms

Assist with Chinese Government licensing – a requirement for all verified accounts

Why does your institution need verified Chinese social accounts?

Successful relationships in China are based on earned trust.

This cultural philosophy has migrated to social media platforms. Verified accounts are a way of instilling trust for your institution in the app user.

Official WeChat
  • 1 in 3 minutes spent online using mobile devices are on WeChat
  • Different verification options for foreign brands mean that choosing the right one and understanding the differences are vital
Official Weibo
  • The home of ideas, stories and trends
  • Official accounts signal trust with Weibo Users
Official video accounts (Youku and Tudou)
  • Video consumption is on a steep incline
  • Understand how the different platforms meet your needs
  • Registered accounts signal trust