What Netizen Natives community management looks like


Your social accounts are trusted and your content is engaging with a growing community: now is the time to nurture it.

How Netizen Natives can support your institution’s ongoing community management

Chinese social communities are built on the principles of trust and authentic relationships. We will help you to engage with your potential students in a correct and meaningful way. This involves an understanding of Chinese culture, and the ability to offer honest advice from a verified account. Together we will convert interested participants into potential student

Identify your target audience and your potential communities


Strategically engage with your audience and community

Listen and report what people in your sector are saying to shape your content strategy accordingly

Follow other influencers, comment, re-share and be an active part of your social community

Respond to people that engage with your institution and are asking questions directly from the platforms


Comprehensive reporting with clear guidelines on what we say and who we send things to